The Pre-Employment Training (PET) program provides pre-employment training and prepares the trainees for jobs in the private, public, or civil society sectors. This training(s) will provide real life skills on vocational topics like carpentry, mechanical skills, electrical, office skills, customer services and hospitality.

Trainees selected to do Pre-Employment Training (PET), are expected to do 20 days (160 hours) of pre-employment training program which will provide basic information and skills that are required for employment. Some of the key course modules covered include:

  • Expectations of employers
  • Use of time-cards and other work time documentation
  • On the job relations with co-workers supervisors and employers
  • Work safety
  • Orientation to the use of hand tools and/or office equipment
  • Creativity and innovation on the job
  • How to stay employed; and
  • What makes a successful employee

Two Training Institutions are contracted to provide Pre-Employment Training (PET) for UYEP trainees. Port Moresby Technical College which is contracted by UYEP to be a training partner provides Pre-Employment Training (PET) technical training on trade, industrial and commerce related employment. While Port Moresby Business College is the other institute contracted by UYEP to be the other training partner provides training on office skills, customer services and hospitality. Upon completion of Pre-Employment Training (PET), a certificate is awarded. This certificate is categorized into two categories:

  • Certificate of Attainment for those whose attendance records show 80-100%; and
  • Certificate of Participation for those with less than 80% attendance record.

Those with poor attendance records are not allowed to graduate and are not issued any certificates. This is done through the UYEP Information Management System (MIS).

Pre-Employment Training (PET)

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National Capital District Commission

Yumi Wok Bung Wantaim, Strongim Yut, Strongim Siti

Urban Youth Employment Project (UYEP)