Papua New Guinea

Youth Job Corp (YJC)

The Youth Job Corp (YJC) is a public work scheme, which will provide youth the opportunity to learn general skills, earn cash and enhance their communities through basic road maintenance and waste collection activities. Trainees will be eligible for 40 days of work after they complete Basic Life Skills Training (BLST). Upon successful completion of BLST and based on their basic numeracy/literacy test results, trainees will be selected to go to either Youth Job Corp (YJC) or Pre-Employment Tranining (PET). Those that are selected to go to YJC, are required to completed 2 months (40 days) of work for which they will be  will be paid fortnightly stipends through the UYEP Management Information System (MIS) and then remitted to their respective accounts with Bank South Pacific (BSP). Trainees are required to work 6 hours per day for 40 days.

Through the Youth Job Corp (YJC), the following will be attained:

  • They will gain work experience and experience of working as a team
  • They will be provided with the basic work methods, training and health & safety training
  • They will be paid a daily stipend
  • They will be given 'certificate of satisfactory or moderate satisfactory' based on their attendance, upon completion of their training and this will aid them in finding job employment in future
Yumi Wok Bung Wantaim, Strongim Yut, Strongim Siti

Urban Youth Employment Project (UYEP)

National Capital District Commission